Synthetics is an audio-visual
artist based in London.


Extract from the album sleeve notes written by Stuart Heaney:

"Vol. 1’s last testament is uttered by Synthetics’ ‘Traurige Filmmusik’, an avowedly rhythmic progressive electronica that might be an imaginary soundtrack probing the ambiguities of ecstasy and despair – its title referring to a sorrowful film score, in keeping with that joyful melancholy of the decaying of formats. Its suggestive evocation of an imaginary feature film echoes a subtlety lurking in Matthias Kispert’s ‘Austerity Rockers’, which almost resembles a lost funky soundtrack filtered through multiple veils of stylus crackle and hum until all that survives of it is the palaeolithic exoskeleton of its insistent pulse."

A1. Sculpture - Compatibility Crystal Change (3:26)
A2. Will Ward - Lanced (3:39)
A3. Some Truths - Fire in a field of molten flowers (5:42)
B1. Spatial - Every Good Story (6:24)
B2. Scanner - Landing (5:00)
C1. Tom White - Fracas (4:59)
C2. Sally Golding - Ghost - Loud + Strong (9:29)
D1. Merkaba Macabre - Mare Tranquilitatis (4:32)
D2. Dave Draper - 77972 (7:58)
D3. Mark Peter Wright - Ecstatic Electric (4:42)
E1. Richard Pike - Vanitas (4:30)
E2. Audio Dependent - Fritz (7:19)
E3. Matthias Kispert - Austerity Rockers (5:48)
F1. Aboutface - In The Tepid Shine We Breathe (5:40)
F2. Synthetics - Traurige Filmmusik (10:39)

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HFF (Vol.1) – Various Artists

HFF (Vol.1) ‘Various Artists’ is a beautiful inaugural album release from label Psyché Tropes. It’s a privilege to have my new track, Traurige Filmmusik, included on this complilation alongside so many other talented artists.

Preview extracts from the album.

Preview the film teaser.

The limited edition triple vinyl LP comes with a 12 inch colour 16mm print with optical soundtrack and is available to buy here.