Synthetics is an audio-visual
artist based in London.

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Bokhari Records limited edition sleeve artwork

Bokhari Records are a vinyl only indie label who like to keep their releases exclusive and good-looking. They commission bespoke sleeve artwork from illustrators and artists for each of their strictly limited runs.

It was a privilege to be asked to create the artwork for their second release Siafu/Disrupted Project – Slunk Dub 12″. Paul from the label said he liked pyramids and eyes (and who doesn’t?), so it seemed only reasonable to embark on this psychedelic voyage into a world alive with acidic geometry, dismembered hands and a lone, vigilant eyeball.

I designed the sleeves so they would tile horizontally if you arranged them in a strip front-to-back (you can see this effect in the 3rd image down). The idea being if you had enough records you could line them up and create a visual loop repeating forever… If you really wanted to. Since I usually work in moving image I saw this repetition effect as a way to suggest some rhythm and motion in the artwork. I wanted it to feel a bit like a video timeline or musical score, with the shapes themselves representing the different notes and creating a loose kind of visual music.

Other featured artists include Andy Potts, John Slade, Ian Stevenson and Thomas Brown.