Synthetics is an audio-visual
artist based in London.


Extract from the album sleeve notes written by Stuart Heaney:

"Vol. 1’s last testament is uttered by Synthetics’ ‘Traurige Filmmusik’, an avowedly rhythmic progressive electronica that might be an imaginary soundtrack probing the ambiguities of ecstasy and despair – its title referring to a sorrowful film score, in keeping with that joyful melancholy of the decaying of formats. Its suggestive evocation of an imaginary feature film echoes a subtlety lurking in Matthias Kispert’s ‘Austerity Rockers’, which almost resembles a lost funky soundtrack filtered through multiple veils of stylus crackle and hum until all that survives of it is the palaeolithic exoskeleton of its insistent pulse."

A1. Sculpture - Compatibility Crystal Change (3:26)
A2. Will Ward - Lanced (3:39)
A3. Some Truths - Fire in a field of molten flowers (5:42)
B1. Spatial - Every Good Story (6:24)
B2. Scanner - Landing (5:00)
C1. Tom White - Fracas (4:59)
C2. Sally Golding - Ghost - Loud + Strong (9:29)
D1. Merkaba Macabre - Mare Tranquilitatis (4:32)
D2. Dave Draper - 77972 (7:58)
D3. Mark Peter Wright - Ecstatic Electric (4:42)
E1. Richard Pike - Vanitas (4:30)
E2. Audio Dependent - Fritz (7:19)
E3. Matthias Kispert - Austerity Rockers (5:48)
F1. Aboutface - In The Tepid Shine We Breathe (5:40)
F2. Synthetics - Traurige Filmmusik (10:39)

HFF (Vol.1) – Various Artists

HFF (Vol.1) ‘Various Artists’ is a beautiful inaugural album release from label Psyché Tropes. It’s a privilege to have my new track, Traurige Filmmusik, included on this complilation alongside so many other talented artists.

Preview extracts from the album.

Preview the film teaser.

The limited edition triple vinyl LP comes with a 12 inch colour 16mm print with optical soundtrack and is available to buy here.

Bokhari Records limited edition sleeve artwork

Bokhari Records are a vinyl only indie label who like to keep their releases exclusive and good-looking. They commission bespoke sleeve artwork from illustrators and artists for each of their strictly limited runs.

It was a privilege to be asked to create the artwork for their second release Siafu/Disrupted Project – Slunk Dub 12″. Paul from the label said he liked pyramids and eyes (and who doesn’t?), so it seemed only reasonable to embark on this psychedelic voyage into a world alive with acidic geometry, dismembered hands and a lone, vigilant eyeball.

I designed the sleeves so they would tile horizontally if you arranged them in a strip front-to-back (you can see this effect in the 3rd image down). The idea being if you had enough records you could line them up and create a visual loop repeating forever… If you really wanted to. Since I usually work in moving image I saw this repetition effect as a way to suggest some rhythm and motion in the artwork. I wanted it to feel a bit like a video timeline or musical score, with the shapes themselves representing the different notes and creating a loose kind of visual music.

Other featured artists include Andy Potts, John Slade, Ian Stevenson and Thomas Brown.

TOY shoot visuals for The Fly magazine

I was approached by photographers Tom Oldham and Tom Bunning to help out with their cover shoot for the Sept 2012 edition of The Fly music magazine. They wanted to project visuals onto the psych-rock quintet TOY (Heavenly Recordings) and thought my stuff would be the right kind of aesthetic. After experimenting a bit with different designs it was obvious that geometric symmetry was the right way to go – well, isn’t it always?

Image: Tom Oldham

Villa Nah UK tour t-shirts

Villa Nah asked me to design t-shirts for their UK tour, where they supported the mighty OMD in October/November 2010. Having created and performed a lot of bespoke visuals for Villa Nah’s live shows it made sense to continue this style in print. The tour was a sell out and so were the shirts!

Silicone Dreams

Original track by Synthetics.

Live audio/visual set at Hackney Film Festival 15th September

I’m honored to be invited back to the Hackney Film Festival for its second year running, and it’s exciting to have the opportunity to showcase brand new material for the first time on the festival’s opening night. I’ll be performing a 45 minute audio/visual set that combines my musical compositions with synchronised visuals. There’s no sneak peek yet, but expect videos to be posted here shortly after the event.


Hackney Film Festival Opening Night
Thurs 15th September, 18:00 – 23:00
Platform Bar And Terrace, Netil House, E8

More info on the gig here

Villa Nah live with visuals by Synthetics

Synthetics performing live visuals for Finnish synth pop duo Villa Nah at The Drop, London on 7th July 2010.

Special thanks to Tom Bunning for his beautiful camerawork.


Music –
Villa Nah

Director of Photography –
Tom Bunning

A film by Synthetics.